Matangos Staff

Baraza Salaho


Baraza salaho is the CEO OF THE COMPANY , he  has been a guide for more than 20 years , he is well  experienced in tourism  and he has a lot of knowledge  about the parks , animals, culture places  and birds at large , he is well skilled and  a very talented and professional in the tourism industry  he knows  more than five Tanzanian languages, plus  outside languages . he is honest , wise and a trust worth person . With him all is well and your in safe hands. He is best in the game.

Vitalis F. Baraza


He is  COMPANY’S MANGER of the company  and the son of  Baraza,  well know led gable in business   with different skills , such as public speaking , management skills , marketing skills and others more , he attained the skills at the university ,  that helps him in running the company fully , through the hard work and how  he is  goal directed, he is an exceptional .

Mary Baraza

Tourism Consultant

She is the  TOURISM CONSULTANT  of the company, due to she is well experienced in booking and reservations plus customers services to which she attained this skills with the Mweka wildlife college and well knowledgeable in the tourism  operations . She is good  in booking our clients with good and well accommodated places at their stay . With her our clients are at peace.

Bonas J. Ngailo

Tour Guide

He  is among the company TOUR GUIDE  , well skilled and with more than 10 years of experience in the tourism industry , he is knowledgeable , good guide and he knows  about the animals , birds , culture and parks . I worked with him he is an excellent guide any one would wish to have.